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March 21, 2013

Mortgage renewal

By law, your financial institution must send you a statement outlining the details of your Mortgage renewal at least 21 days prior to the expiration of your ter

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October 14, 2009

There is bad credit and then there is baaaaad credit

Yes I am a mortgage broker, and yes I claim to be able to obtain mortgages for individuals with bad credit. Having said that, I must clarify what constitutes bad credit and what you as an individual must do to help yourself. First of all let us begin with the do’s and don’ts of procuring a mortgage.

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April 3, 2009

Take advantage of low interest rates, don’t let them take advantage of you

Spring is here and the peak season for house hunting is upon us. Mortgage rates are quite low making the prospect of purchasing a new home, particularly your first, very enticing. The downside to looking while the interest rates are low is that the vendors are psychologically not prepared to lower their asking price. They […]

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March 17, 2009

Are you a gambler?

“Know when to hold em, know when to fold em. Know when to walk away, know when to run.” Prophetic words from Kenny Rogers in his tale of the gambler. I am amazed at how many people out there are closing their eyes to the realities around them. We are in tough economic times as […]

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February 17, 2009

Is the media killing our economy?

“The times they are a changing” to quote my favorite poet of the 60’s and 70’s Robert Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan. In all my years I have never seen the economy crash and burn as quickly as it has this past year. Companies have been downsizing or closing altogether, thus putting more people on the […]

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February 11, 2009

Why use a mortgage broker?

A question that I have been asked many times is why should I use a mortgage broker as opposed to going into my bank and requesting the loan on my own. The truth is you could very probably go into your local branch and get a mortgage fairly easily. They already have you as a […]

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January 20, 2009

Don’t Ask Your Bank for a Mortgage

If you shop around to save a few cents or dollars on groceries and electronics, why not shop around for the best mortgage rate to save thousands of dollars…

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January 11, 2009

Best Mortgage Rates in Montreal

Welcome to Mortgage Rate Montreal.  My name is Jack Lehrer and I am here to help you find the best possible mortgage rate available for your credit rating.

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