January 20, 2009

Don’t Ask Your Bank for a Mortgage

This article is a guest post by Amir Lehrer from Get Lucky, a site full of powerful articles on how to increase your luck through hard work, finding and taking advantage of opportunity and thinking positive. Amir is also the CSOO of Flid Media, a social media consulting company in Montreal, Canada.

Shop Around For the Best Price

If you walked into a marketplace and the first 20 booths are selling the exact product that you are looking for, would you just buy it from the first vendor or would you shop around to find the best price? Most people shop around for all types of products from groceries to electronics and beyond just to save a few dollars. People will even drive across town because orange juice is on sale. Some families even spend their weekend clipping coupons to save a few cents on their weekly shopping list.

If You Shop to Save a Few Dollars, Why Not Shop to Save Thousands of Dollars

If you are willing to drive across town to save a few dollars or surf all over the web to save a few hundred dollars on a TV, why wouldn’t you shop around for the best rate on your mortgage which can save you thousands of dollars. Going over to your bank and asking them for a mortgage is the same as buying the product you are looking for from the first vendor.

Get a Personal Shopper

Wouldn’t you love it if you could stop comparing prices and shopping around? Everybody would appreciate having a personal shopper but the fact is that it is too expensive to have one and if you are clipping coupons, chances are that you cannot afford one. That is where the mortgage broker comes in.

Use a Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker is your free personal shopper who does all the work and comparison shopping for you and then comes back to you with the best rate. Shopping for a mortgage is a lot more complicated than buying a TV because there are so many variables that go into your mortgage rate. They have to consider your credit score, your salary, the amount of revolving credit that you are already juggling and a whole lot more. A mortgage broker will take down all of your information and negotiate with each bank individually to get you the absolute best rate for your mortgage.

After using a mortgage broker, you are going to wish they had similar services for all of your other shopping needs.

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Jack Lehrer is a successful mortgage broker in Montreal who has been in the realm of customer service for over 25 years. Treating his clients with the respect they deserve is what has propelled his business. His satisfied clients not only return, but pass his name on to their friends. His greatest pleasure comes from helping a client realize their dreams. As a Mortgage Broker he is able to make your life easier. He searches for the best mortgage terms and rates from over 20 financial institutions to find you the right mortgage. If you are planning to renovate, buy a house or refinance your mortgage, then he is your best choice for all your mortgage needs.

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